Melody is a bassdrum

This was one of the first real successes in FL Studio 8. It's a bit like Noisecore plus drums... I was really happy about finishing it. It was also the time when I discovered Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music, an awesome site btw! It was hard to classify what I created. I can't even classify it nowadays (like it's nearly every time I create a piece of music but I think at the moment I'm actually at a point where I can say it's acid breakbeat or acid trance). Well, the strange thing is that is has only 2 very different tracks. The first one is more a tribal track with lot's of noise pads and bubbling sounds, etc... A bit boring after a while. Like track two, which is hardcore with some uncommon VSTis. Took me only an hour or so. It's still good for muting everything around me!

[01] Vivid Melody
[02] Manic

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