Call It A Hunch

Erm, yes. More a collection of songs that share distorted and sliced pads than an actual Album/EP. First one is plain techno, second one is actually nice but somehow too distant... Feels like the song itself doesn't want to interact with me. I don't know. The third is another guitar experiment. I used guitar riff recordings (not mine, from a random dude on thefreesoundproject.org and some drum loops to give it shape. It's ok, a bit too simple I think. I miss the overall nice character there. It's the weakest collection I ever did (and the most recent). I don't want to complain, but I'm at a point where I don't like this album's style anymore. I feel that it's better to train my acid skills. Acid is the coolest sound I can imagine atm. It can vary in style, quality, character and whatever not. It's also pretty simple to create if you know how. Fun stuff at all. But Call It A Hunch isn't even CLOSE to such a sound. It's the end of a dying era!

[01] Worse Than Before
[02] Neverend
[03] No more Past

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