Byebye Darling

I can remember how hard finishing this track was. Just listen to. Starts with 80 bpm, stops with 160. Contains breakbeats, 4/4 drum, acids, distorted pads, leading snares/claps and so on... Just too much stuff to sound good. It doesn't have a real song structure, there is just build-up, break-down, finale. No real theme, no real reason, no idea at all. I was just afraid of musicial inability (yes, I know, a stupid fear). And to prevent this I did the worst track ever?

Edit: Listening to it again, I must say this track is pretty nice. I'm not sure why I'm always thinking my tracks are bad when they are in fact not as bad as the ones I like in such moments when I think that the actually good bad ones are good. Nevermind.

[Download MP3 version]

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