Killing me softly

Ever started to actually MAKE something but ignored the fact that you need more structure, more pre-work and other things to keep an overview? I'm not educated in psychology, but I bet thats my problem. I have ideas, I'm trying to put them in action... But it's still a heavy workload and I often forget that I need to do something before, using an existing engine or alghorithm or somewhat. I have all the technical ideas in my head, detailed and full of genius (erm... YES). The problem is the time I need to make it, not to say what I have to program at first and what at last... Here comes the word "engine" in: For me, an engine is usually a working combination of sub-engines to have some kind of programming framework. I forget to divide my engine into sub-engines, resulting in chaotic, un-understandle code and spaghetti style. Therefore I usually don't code such... engines. Or at least my brain is saying I totally suck at making bigger programs.

From now I'll try to seperate all the functions in my game into smaller parts/projects... One for the 3D-Text-Array management/calculation (including a lot low-fi code), one for the renderer (lightning, how to display single chars, etc...), one for the image array editor, one for the map generator (uses these arrays directly), one for the real game engine (including objects, collisions and all the other stuff). That's a point, I think. Oh nose - I program since I'm 16... 4 years long noob code, understanding bit shit and thinking about how-to-make-whatever. I actually never thought about the process of development itself, but more about the alghorithmic background! Sheesh, this is probably why you begin as a total rookie after studying. Or the reason for "projects" during this time.

I feel totally empty. This realisation is killing me softly. Programmers have to suffer a lot in their life, eh? Once I've chosen to be one of them. A way of life, not harder than all the other ways.




How to don't make a game

How to don't make a game:
-» install your old Diablo II game and play all day long (Necromancer recommended)
-» use Team Speak
-» help your sister
-» have something important to do (like school, vital personal hygiene... erm, what?)
-» deinstall Diablo II and think about playing Titan Quest (Thief recommended)
-» think too much about nifty programming ideas while forgetting the most essential parts
-» refuse sexual desire (discussible)
-» eat bad food (I don't say sugar is unhealthy, but a lot of fat is)
-» don't clean up your room
-» write your exam (I couldn't avoid it)
-» 42

I won't give up. I have a concept. And a lot of fresh, nice-working code (ok, let's say I've written it done... without deep testing). This game will have an ingame editor, where you can edit all ASCII 3D images and maps at once (all of them share the same format). If the concept will work in real life, I'm pretty proud to present a fully physics-driven action-adventure game. But at least I will need a lifebar for the player/enemies.

I will also continue playing Titan Quest, because I like to collect things while killing monsters. It's much easier to get one of these ultra-cool high level sets than it is Diablo II. I wonder why the fuck does every Blizzard game suck at this point. I know it's interesting to have "legends" in a videogame online world (all these guys wearing sparkling armor and ethereal shimmering weapons, spreading fire and poison everywhere they walk) but it fucking sucks if you really want to get that equip without playing 4 years continuously. I hate that game. It destroyed my hands, my time and my desire to program. Shit on it. Blizzard, eat my fury! *slashes wildly around*. Titan Quest isn't a better gameplay, it's just the better version of Diablo II if you ask me - MUCH better. Installing it puts my "laptop for programming, big PC for gaming" tactic back in action... Had some hard weeks, therefore it was kinda mixed up...