Harmony breakdown

Because my life is boring atm, I started senseless experimentation with SynthEdit. One thing I always wanted to try is an overdrive-driven synthesizer. That means you amplify your sound wave while clipping to high upper values. And for a synth base, overdrive causes nearly rectangular sounds. I'm usually using overdrive for the wave form in general, the filter sweeps, pitch sweeps, fadings, etc... It's also very interesting to overdrive the overdrive knobs, generating a very harsh but still interesting sound. So far I noticed that distorted sound is more variable than any other sound, since noise is unpredictable (no, shut up math freaks!). Look at those uber-clean FL Studio synthesizers or other "normal" synths in general: everything you hear is a clear, over-over-layered multi-chorus feedback sound. No Alias, no soul, no clue.

Life isn't easy, therefore people use sounds they know and like to please their needs for mind peace. But Life also can't be easy, so why care about such clean and light sounds to celebrate unreal relationships? I'm not a realist (I LOVE fiction), but for me music is something so support mood and creation. Clean sound is for reality-blind futurism shit. Harmony is surreal, look at our real world! There is always a fight between oppositions, tumbling from left to right and vice versa. Putting a kind of noise into harmony excites the whole system. And excitement often leads to an unusual but more interesting state of entertainment. It's always the same thing with harmony: music, video games, images, movies... Disharmony frees all sounds we wouldn't hear under the dictatorship of Harmony and Perfectionism. Noise carries so many frequency, more than a harmonic could ever reach!

I need to produce a softsynth of that caliber. My future music needs to take advantages from noise and variety, subduing harmony and purity. I know... this is extreme, but I want to. It's a wish of mine to make inharmonic, energetic music against all typical mainstream cleanlinesses... See it as a passion. My synth is a point to start! Once I've finished it, I'll upload it here. OK, a blog design restructing may be useful to showcase bits of creation. Next wednesday I'll upload lots of tracks I did in the past and also my synth.


VST shopping

KVRAudio.com is a great site. You can't find EVERY plugin you need for music production and I'm usually pretty satisfied with the results. There are also some limitations... Limitations set by the plugin developers itself, mainly because most plugin are just simplistic analog ones (imho they suck the most time) or straight effects everyone has in a better build-in version. I like the FM-Synths or other, pretty bizarre noise makers. Unfortunaly, it's hard to find something that's friendly for my needs and I don't care about thousands of knobs or MIDI automation. I'm want to have some parameters, a characteristic sound and nothing more. The rest is filter arrangement. Unfortunaly, most developers are more interested in cloning the sameshit over and over again to fill their desire for audience in the wide world of music production. Honestly, I give a fuck on traditional synthesis or so called "classic sounds". Ok, I love basic waveforms and chiptunes, but I'm biased with it since videogaming is a passion of mine! For a long time, my music based on pure samples and FM-Synths, you can do a lot of interesting things with both... Much better than analog stuff. Except analog noise. I LOVE NOISE, especially analog or acoustic. So, where the fuck are the noise VSTs? Thats simple: DIY. Only a few people make good noise tools and even fewer do share them with others. That's why I'm pretty glad to know developers releasing their interesting VSTs for free with simple usage. A Synth should be usable, not exhausted! And I'm much more glad to know I can find all of them on KVR . These guys are the best - experimental for free!


Past Lies

Another thing I also have to mention here is a little comic I bought last week, Past Lies. It's a nice little story about a private inestigator, several murders and it just looks awesome to me. Albeit theme and language are pretty simple, it was very enjoyable to me. The comic is 2 years old and wish I could get more english comics here in germany. Our comic store is great, but limited to an in common more accepted offer (you know, super heros, french comics, mangas...) and single orders by customers. Even a simple english comic I like and will probably never get makes me happy for WEEKS.

Oh comics, how I love them!

Digital dream age

Two days out my pixel or music creation and I'm totally hot for media in general (except TV). Books, Comics, Games, new Music acts - everything is fine to me. Amazing, how fast I got converted to an Uber-absorber of pleasure things in general. It raises the own power of creation and motivation - an endless cycle of give and take. And I'm enjoying it! A wonder how I could t
do without them. Next step is addicition, which is not enjoyable. So, time to hurry up and create! Keeping the balance might be the key to successful workflow. It seems today is better than yesterday - just mentioning the last blog post. I still want to go away. Anywhere, it doesn't matter! Saturday could be a small stretch 'til things go better. It's a bookfair in Leipzig, Germany - namely the Leipziger Buchmesse. I'll enjoy wandering through the exhibition of new books, comics and other nice things... Still not optimal to spread fret.



FINALLY! I finally did it! 3D! THREEEE-DEEEE <(@_@)> !!!!!!

Ok, thats not the full truth. I got managed to understand how 3D projection works and all the central projection stuff (and it's SO FUCKING SIMPLE, I wonder why it haven't done it before), but it will still need a lot time to put in action. No, better - It'll need more time I planned for it. My original thoughts were to take part in the TIGSource Cockpit Competition, but I'm not in the mood for deep thoughts about perspectives, combination of geometry and maths in general... Competition's end is the 29th of this month. Not much time for getting in the mood! Plain school and game programming won't work for long, eh?

Fortunaly, my most ambitious projects can be made with plain 2D rendering and I have lots of them. A couple of them include 3D worlds represented in 2D, so they all can happen! My next goal after understanding 3D isn't rendering anymore. Pysics is the buzz! Today I learned a lot about it and I want to write my own vectorial, forcebased physics engine. And I'm pretty excited, 'cause it's a lot more fun than graphics programming.

I hope for keeping my enthusiasm these days. My family makes me upset and depressed - I wish to have a shared apartment or something else, just to get away from all the stuff keeping me away from evolving. I'm not an ass, but sometimes problems of other people (and my own of course) do completely destroy the working ambience. I wish it wouldn't be like this. But who am I to say what that.