3D sucks

As usually I'm beefing about maths, I'm reading its theory. Especially when I'm thinking about 3D engines and how the fuck I could make them real for me. I have LOTS of potential awesome 3D ideas! But the main problem is that I: a) don't want to learn a 3D engine a.t.m. and b) want to create a 3D engine on my own. Remembering my first attempts, I played with 3D ideas in the earliest stages of programming.... Even the only game that got its way 'round the net has a little pause animation, featuring a spinnung, turning, moving... whatever polygon. But it wasnt 3D. It was fake 3D. I always loved fake 3D, beause it seemed unreal and fascinating enough to love it. But soon I discovered my need for a REAL 3D engine, an engine to make awesome lowpoly games or the latest effect. And therefore a neverending cycle of reinventing 3D followed... At first I tried to do the "maths way", means I just looked at Wikipedia and realized how stupid I was. Years later, the same try - stupid again. And now? You may think stupid, but that wouldn't be the right word. I could actually learn how to make a standardized mathematic version of 3D projection, but that would take a bit time - I've never learned how to use vectors or other geometrical projections. Everything I used for my fake 3D was my own discovery! I'm pretty proud of it, so I'm currently trying to code my own engine. It's not that easy. And it's also not that hard. A good mix... I'm sure, theres another, faster way with maths, but I know this would take a lot of time to learn. But since I know how to make SOMETHING which works, it should be pretty rewarding.

Maybe one day I'll understand how it works for mathematicians. Perhaps the point is that I really don't want to learn it. "I'm to indie for this shit!"


How to surprise your inner composer

Recently, I read this nice article on the Psynews.org forums (I'm more a stalker of it) titled "The Eureka Moment", which was pretty interesting to read, because I see some relations there. The last days my creative musician potential was enormous, but I wasn't happy about the stuff I made. Mainly, because it sounded good to others, but not to me. I thought about what's making me comfortable while composing... And ended up with nothing. I read lots of articles about music theory, composition, "how to"s... boring! I just don't get it. I don't like to make music in a serious, thoughtful way. I read the article and got also an Eureka Moment. The same one? No! Another. A moment which is still so awesome, that I just need to share it!

The point is... I like to make music. But I don't like to think about how it is made. Therefore I tried to do other ways of creation... I already have some songs which were made by "drawing" random notes in FL Studio. A thing so silly and senseless, I wonder why I've chosen it. The songs sound nice to me, they were fun to make and I still enjoy them. But after leaving all the more abstract ways of creation, I came to a point where theory and organisation was more important... A point where my creativy died. But after reading the article, I tried to repeat my random notes experiment again... and it worked! I was... surprised. Surprising myself is something I really to get creative. Maybe it IS the creativity I was looking for, I'm not sure... I can listen to all these random patterns without getting bored, because I've never heard them, I never thought about them! It makes me feel free and unstressed - not say evolving. Oh, I need to continue this! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Yay, thats the way I like creation. It's similar to all the stuff I exhibited on deviantART, only with audio snippets, synthesizers. In a way, I'm just exploring random, uncontrolled moments of mouse movements... Oh, no - I need to stop here! It's leading to another point of theory... Stop theory. Now. Do stuff!

It must be the most tragedic moment in a music producer's life to decide that he want to make music under such constraining circumstances.


Physics for my Games

The last time I programmed on games or things is definitly some months ago. Long time for a programmer, eh? the only motivation I had for my last project was using custom HDR rendering and a "pretty limited dimensional joke". A game for exploration and overall feel. But not fun. That's probably the reason why I couldn't get it done - no fun at all. Too much C++ work to do. But today is a day where I got inspiration for game programming. And wherefrom? Physic! YES. Plain school physics brought me back to game design. Funny game design with a single, physics related idea. I like game physics, they convert simple prototype games to pretty interesting gap fillers. I loved Super Mario 64 for having an excellent fun physics for mario and many other objects! Gosh, I wan't to play it right now... Yeah, physics always impressed me, even the simple ones from old 2D Zelda games. I wan't to make games with physics! Physics for everything. One day I thought about a multidimensional roguelike, basing on typical physical rules like electric, chemical reactions, destroyable objects and so on... Not the usual theme, but pretty complex to play! And now imagine the same in lowpoly 3D graphics! Holy hog, I WANT TO DO THIS. But I'll need to learn 3D stuff at first... Hm. But isn't it as simple as converting 2D formulars to 3D? Hm, could be interesting! BACK TO GAMEDESIGN.


Who shot the night?

Ok, it's pretty dark at the moment, but fortunaly my banner is glowing, so this won't be the problem... What about a completely new banner? My old banner was pretty grey and dark, the follower had too much light. And currently I'm sitting on water colored mushrooms sparkling like diamonds... @.@ I'm getting crazy right now! No. This shouldn't be. Let's make a seriously nonserious design with gloomy colors and vivid images. But oh, no images? Hm. Thats probably a problem! At first... I need a background pattern. And little, quirky monotone icons... Yeah, let's push strangeness forward.


Construction works

I think about reworking the blog design... Design stuff is so useless! But calming! So expect vivid colors and unreadable strange combinations during this phase...


New ears

I've just bought new ears. Electronic ears. Also know as headphones. And buying good, small headphones is really a pain here in my country, so it took several hours and researchment on Wikipedia to find out what I really need. And now I have a nice little Sennheiser PMX 100! It's very lightweight and pleasant. I used a PMX 200 for several months (some years ago...), but it got damaged... I like the PMX 100 a lot more - no more thrilling basses! I really don't like extreme loud low frequency basses... Why the spectrum where you can't here any details? A cheering fact that there are musicians who share my opinion about frequencies! But back to the headphones: I noticed that a lot of my music sounds really different now... too much bass. That's mostly, because I had very small "non-bass" earbuds. It's a shame to admit: they also got damaged. I thought Sennheiser headphones where good ones (currently it doesn't seem so). But hey - one time Sennheiser, everytime Sennheiser. They have very good sound and go well together with my equipment!

I hope they will retain there quality - otherwise I need hard-as-rock headphones...


Air guitar

Hehe, while browsing through the excellent ATLAS of Plucked Instruments, I saw a neat gimmick: the webmaster actually really listed the air guitar as an instrument! I really like the idea of air guitars in general, but I wouldn't even play just one note it (I'm currently another kind of... rocker. But, hey - wait! When did I became a rocker??? I don't even have rock music!). But imagine walking through a museum, noticing an empty showcase with nothing but a single plectrum in it! Only 1 meter high, clean and imagination-rich glass is between and the ultimate intrument of modern music!

Oh, I bet this will happen sometime!