Melody is a bassdrum

I found out that my musical perception is quite "unmelodic", means I see melodies in music as just another instrument/audio channel without bigger relevance. That is quite interesting and explains why I'm not able to do melodies from scratch without any preperation... But isn't that a bit strange because I have so much melodic music at home? Independent from that fact, I'm quite happy with the music I'm making, because I can hear melodies in just any pitched/frequency-changing sound. To say I have no clue of harmony and melody is just mean, because it reflects the poor diversity in musical perception of especially the one who said it. Forget maths and music theory, follow your heart and make sounds... It's the only way to make REAL MUSIC. Music which comes from you, the music maker and not the ingrates.

This was quite hard to realize for me... Now I also understand why so many people like "bad" called punk music or genres like Gabba or Speedcore. All these "traditional" music rules, theories and structures are a way to strict for me and probably others, too. But there are sooooooo many genres on the world which reflect the dictatorial theory. Most people will like mathematically perfect arrangements, ever lasting, technology-dependent genre structures and folk elements (even abstract ones)... Erm, well! Let's say I'm selective in many things.

...what a senseless blog post!


Ugly themes

Being a fan of noise music but not the typical thematic presentation is quite uphill. Many noise projects and communities are fulfilled with horribly ugly themes, perverted imaginary or just brutality. I just don't know why many noise lovers/makers accept (like? enjoy?) those themes... I think this is just obnoxious. I can't search for noise informations/communities/projects without having another slaughter house pornographer behind. OK, I don't say everyone making noise music has a taste incompatible to mine - but I just don't get why the fuck those stuff is around in the world. Why don't make noise music and noise art with a better, not-that-trashy/-ugly image/theme? There should be something like noise by hippies. Hippy noise. Hm... interesting idea. But I think I'm more the "normal" music lover with tendencies to lofi, noisy sounds, not only pure noise. That could be the chiptune vein in me... And the chiptune genre is mostly techno. Hm, I like techno, too... Hehe. Thats the key. I think. Or not? Hm. The chiptune scene is also a bit strange. Everytime the same videogamy music. Even if it's not videogame music!



Holy hog, I did it! Finally, I am able to use my fully-functional set of custom VSTs made with SynthEdit! Now I can make my own, unique sounds (except bassdrums, I just don't get them), percussions, bg sounds, etc... Not the latest, super-harmonized badass hyper-awesome soundscape survival revival experience, but it works. Very harsh and noisy. Needs much attention to details, unwanted random sound changes and overlayed sfx's. The best at all is: Dynamic drum sounds. Means, the most VSTs of my set have low-pitched LFOs and some random changes through noise signals. It makes every drum sound unique in variation, spectrum and length! I'll try to upload some of them - maybe in a new "my VSTs" section. Lets see!

But I still can't create convincing sounds like the ones used in modern electronic music. I would LOVE it to have a collection of pads, textures and strings... GAAAHHH, I wish I had a pad collection. It's very time consuming to create synths with the sound of nowadays DSPs. Probably it's NOT possible to clone them with simple analogue techniques. Hm! On one side I love the lofi-harshness of custom synths and brutal noise walls, but on the other my heart beats for smooth strings, stunning pads and kickass percussion. I should divide my work into noisy and smoothy...


Synth Secrets

I've never searched for specific sound synthesis informations because I generally tend to use sounds that are far from harmony and affordable research. But sometimes I'm sitting in front of SynthEdit with no idea how to generate a specific sound. Especially percussion is something I just don't get. So I took a look at the so called "SOUND ON SOUND" webpage. They have an excellent information base - better than anything I've found so far on the net. And you can also get very precious tipps for percussion synthesis - one of the most complex things on earth, compared to their short sound duration. After reading over 5 articles about analyses and patch wiring I'm simply stunned! Why the fuck is it so complicated to make these sounds? Another reason for getting a good drum machine or VST! Since I'm using SynthEdit, I want to have user-generated intruments and completely custom sounds. But Percussion is... another league. Not that "put some oscillators here and a delay there"-style of creation, it's more analysation and a piece of physics + steeling from existing drum machines.

I wondered how stupid people can be when buying a drum machine. But now I'm wondering why I haven't already one...


Resistance is useless

I couldn't resist! There's this awesome music challenge on TIGSource going on, namely "Mistress Increpare's Music Challenge". The objective is to make a song basing on a previously submitted one. Then, challenge mistress Increpare will predetermine a specific genre, style and technical limitations for a new song (depending on what you made wrong in the submitted one). Holy hog, that can be challenging!

My goal was to make a chiptune: 3 melodies, 3 channels, no percussion and no longer than one minute and thirty seconds! I'm pretty lucky I did it, because it's a pain for me to figure out melodies. Here is my entry. It's pretty lo-fi and very limited (made of square waves only!).


Busy 2 (aka "shut up you fool")

I thought about my previous blog entry. It's possible that I've reached a point where I should stop a few things I'm doing usually. I mean all these "creation"-like activities. I should have a break to wash away overloaden thoughts about things, their reason and my role as a creator. Acceptance for silence. Indeed. I'll keep silent for now. No sound. No pixel. No Code. Just Silence.


I can't help, but anyway there's a bit of inconsistency here. Especially in what I'm doing in my freetime... all this wannabe-music-maker-stuff could destroy my previously planned specialization. I don't wan't to stop it at all, because it's just damn interesting and relaxing for me. And I can say I've "done" something dissimilar to programming or cheap pixelation.Whatever.. I have so many interests and they seem to vary a lot (except it's all media stuff, typically). Mostly every of it got a special place in my plan so far - programming when I DON'T have to work for school (needs to much time and concentration), pixelation in times of broken mind and playing/designing games in every other situation I can. But where is the music? Currently, it's at the same position where gamedesign should be. Thats not good by default. Otherwise it leaves much more concentration for programming - plus a rapid decrease of interest/fascination in development. GNAH! This is driving me nuts!

Why the fuck is there so many unbelievable interesting stuff outside? Maybe I'm just too lazy for doing something really useful... Some things are just incompatible (for me). Making me crazy by mixing them it not a profitable idea, eh?


But who cares, lets make some noise!