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Fuck, this game hurts me. Finally, I managed to get S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky running on my gaming PC, but its buggy as hell. Three times I started a game, coming to Yantar and BAM. Stuck in a brain-melting scripting error. Its a cool addition to the first game, but why the fuck it is buggier than the first game? It's nearly the same engine, so I can expect progress, you silly code monkeys! GRRAAAHHHH!!!!!111111oneoneone.....

Ok, ok. Lets have a look my still untouched Bioshock package... Huh...? Uh? Damnit, its working again! What a stupid situation. I hated Bioshock before, 'cause of its internet activation and loved S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. And now? The otherway 'round. That silly shit brought me back to coding: Avoid those mistakes! Kill Bugs! Be god! Hell, yes, now I'm loving this game again... Because it brought me back coding. Holy hog...



The last days I got more and more into music and sound synthesis. It's cool stuff und and very entertaining! I build a small synthesizer with SynthEdit (very recommendable) that features some interesting filter methods using several connected oscillators and high/low passes. Sounds very cool, if not perfect... But it let me think of the necessarity of multi-oscillator synthesizers. You know, an oscillator is the thing that generates a basic tone (like the ones used in very old videogame music). This tone can be filtered and amplified and whatever... Most synthesizers considered as 'fat' have many oscillators, generating extremely overlayered soundscapes. This is nice, but soooo typical. Can you see the parallals between modern computer hardware and synthesizer designers? They -indeed- just multiply the number of hardware components to get better and heavier results. This is good in very fond way, but less creative in the other way. Look at these cool Amiga demo scene guys! They're doing awesome, mind-fucking 3D-stuff on such a limited computers!!! Imagine the demo scene spirit jumps over to the realms of synthesis and processor design... We could have more interesting than fat sounds., because we would be more limited to a few, not-so-powerful synthesizers! Yeah, lofi meets filter arrangement.

And we should use tapes + microphones. If you connect all the sound in- and outputs of your combined with delay effects, you can get very interesting sounds. So interesting, that I decided to make a complete Synthesizer of them!

Holy hog, I'm totally turning into a lofi-loving musique concrète and noise maker...


Too big for my eyes...

Oh my gosh, I've just re-installed my non-notebook-PC and stumbled by the fact, 1280x1024 HURTS my eyes. My noteboke has only a 1024x768 resolution, so I'm currently a bit blinded by this HUGE amount of visible dots there... Its interesting, how fast I adapted the small resolution. And this let me realize that we're all just media-blown and dump after a while. Hm, who cares...


No focus. But structure.

I'm a bit depressed these days. It is a hard year in school for me and my original intention was to get a bit more for programming on the weekends, but it turned out in manic homeworking and music composition. Yeah, composition. I thought it would be a nice idea, making music on the days where I'm not programming. Unfortunaly it became one of these strange habits when you start the computer... Everyday a beat or atleast a modification. The cool thing at all is: Every piece music can be used for my game! And the bad thing is: I can't focus on coding. I can't even focus on coding after homework, so this the only way to get productive? Stupid background music? Oh no. That makes me a bit nervous these days. I was afraid of forgetting my code structure, but coming into it is quite easy. Perhaps because of prospective code structures? Would be cool, I see it was a good idea to fill my fill free days with excessive code restructuring. Yammy, I can lean back and continue whenever i want. Isn't it great? Maybe! I have this vision in my mind, where I'm sitting in my small room, making stupid J-RPG bgm stuff... and no code in sight, 'cause I've never continued my 1D game.

.... Probably not the best future for me. I should continue NOW.