Open Pandora

A one-day visit at the Games Convention in Leipzip (Germany) induced me to take little look at the redspotgames publisher. They exhibited some Dreamcast/GP2X games, consoles the germany player community has never thought of! I don't even think that least 5% of the visitors had been seen a GP2X in their entire life...

Back at home I've tried to get more information about this little homebrew scene and discovered a very cool project: Pandora. It's a NDS-sized Handheld/UMPC/PDA hybrid with massive CPU/GPU power (for a handheld), initiated by 3 guys + a giant GP2X community. This means: hundreds of genius ideas, many many hardware features, low price, open source and multifunctionality. I can't believe this happens here and now!

You can get more Infos on the Pandora Wiki. It worth the reading effort! I'll buy one, definitly.


Pen Tablet

On my short lastning quest for more comfortable input devices, I discovered the pleasant design of pen/graphic tablets. Beautiful stuff and I bought one today. It enables you to do pretty cool stuff, unfortunaly not so suitable for coding/programmer's needs. But imagine your writing some 3D level editor with height maps or something. You could use the pen sensitivity for editing the height map - 3D input! Gaahhh, I need to do something similar. I love the idea of developing tools with pen tablet support.

Another great advantage is that you can make fast semi-handdrawn scribbles like math formulas you can't input in standart text editors. Or level design sketches! Speedpaints! GUI designs! Hyper abstract strange scribbly total perspective vortexish things also known as doodles!

Oh and by the way: It's a Wacom Bamboo One. It's shipped with a neat Software called ArtRage 2.5, made to enable everyone the use of expensive drawing techniques. Oh my gosh, there's a CD key, too...


Here I go!

Ok, this is the first blog entry after my inconspicuous try at tricorne.blogger.com. Less pixelations, more games and programming for now. I'm glad about all the cool features I got on blogger.com, especially anonymous comments. There are more users without blogs and OpenID / Google account stuff on the web, so this is probably the most useful thing at all.

The site design isn't final, yet. It's the direct opponent to my old blog - white and tidy vs. dark and sloppy. An epic journey to a better being... Gnah, how corny!

Enjoy the new blog, I will care much more about text content, less pixelations. You can still go to my deviantART page, it is dedicated to all the pixel stuff I've created so far!